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Two families are left devastated after their merchandise was stolen from a storage unit in Santa Clarita, and now they find themselves without a way of generating money to support their family.

The two families are vendors at the Santa Clarita swap meet.

Their source of income has disappeared for the time being, and what they say they find suspicious is that it was in a place where there was supposed to be security.

Moved by the misfortune, Angelica Jimenez says she does not understand how all of her merchandise that was inside a van was stolen from the place where she had been parking it for six years, and she prays every day to get it back.

“Well, that is what we’re waiting for is a miracle, or someone who can help us, who can tell us where we can find it, who can tell us I have seen it on such streets or something like that,” said Jimenez.

Jimenez is not the only robbery victim. Her sister-in-law Fatima Ostria, who also has a booth at the same swap meet, also had a van with merchandise stolen from her and from the same place where Jimenez’s vehicle was stolen.

“I feel that the same way they took ours on Sunday afternoon, it was easy for them and they returned on Thursday for my sister-in-law’s,” said Ostria.

Both Ostria and Jimenez suspect it could have been the person in a vehicle that was at the storage unit on Sunday afternoon, which Jimenez saw.

Although at that moment she did not think anything of it, until that same vehicle appeared in a video from the security cameras.

“I arrived at the place on Sunday morning to prepare for the work day but I did not see the plates and well, one never imagines what is going to happen,” said Ostria.

For these two families, they only have hope and trust in the authorities.

“Because it was a big truck with a lot of merchandise, I think it was around $35,000 dollars or $40,000 because it was good merchandise,” Jimenez said.

And although the authorities are investigating the case, these two families also ask for the help of the community.

Anyone with information about their vehicles is asked to report it to the police.

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