International buyers are pulling back from the U.S. housing market

by admin | on Jul 18

International buyers of U.S. residential real estate are running into the same hurdles as domestic buyers — namely high prices

How on-time rent payments help ‘credit invisible’ consumers

by admin | on Jul 17

Housing is the most considerable expense for U.S. consumers — and while high rents and home prices are obstacles to

San Francisco downtown is ‘ghost town’

by admin | on Jul 16

With San Francisco facing record high commercial vacancies, one mayoral candidate has a plan to reshape the city's business district

The 10 U.S. states with America’s best housing markets

by admin | on Jul 16

America is embroiled in a housing crisis. The supply of homes is tight. The supply of affordable homes is even

Best money moves to make ahead of a Fed rate cut

by admin | on Jul 15

Recent signs that inflation is easing have paved the way for the Federal Reserve to start lowering interest rates as soon as

What rentvesting is, and how it helps renters buy a home

by admin | on Jul 15

Oscar Wong | Moment | Getty ImagesNot every renter wanting to buy a home dreams of ditching their lease. Some

China to hold Third Plenum. Why real estate isn’t likely the main focus

by admin | on Jul 12

The Third Plenum, set for July 15-18, is one of the most important political meetings of the Chinese Communist Party.

Gen Zers are willing to buy fixer-upper homes. Some already regret it

by admin | on Jul 11

About 1 in 5 Gen Zers, or 22%, say a lack of affordable starter homes poses as a barrier towards

Here’s the inflation breakdown for June 2024 — in one chart

by admin | on Jul 11

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesInflation fell further in June as lower gasoline prices combined with other easing price pressures

Here’s why housing inflation is still stubbornly high

by admin | on Jul 11

Housing inflation has remained stubbornly high even as inflation in the broad U.S. economy has cooled significantly from peak levels

Nearly half of Gen Zers get financial help from their parents

by admin | on Jul 10

To keep up with the high cost of living, many young adults turn to a likely safety net: their parents.Nearly

How much it costs to sell a home

by admin | on Jun 27

Buying a home and maintaining it is expensive, but selling it is costly, too, according to a new report.It typically

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