Who’s who at Stellantis

by admin | on Jan 24

See the entire roster of top 43 executives, with photos, titles and their roots to either PSA or FCS.

In 14-brand Stellantis, who will make the cut?

by admin | on Jan 17

PSA and FCA are each contributing seven brands to the new company, which will need to figure out what still

Hot topics at virtual CES: AVs, air taxis and drones

by admin | on Jan 16

The tech expo came without many of the bells and whistles that typically make it overwhelming and great. Still, the

How acquisitions fit into Cox's investment strategy

by admin | on Jan 11

Imaging technology firm Fyusion fulfills an immediate need for Cox Automotive. Dickinson Fleet Services, on the other hand, is part

How 3 leaders in the parts industry are remaking themselves

by admin | on Jan 4

Automakers are preparing to change the nature of vehicles and transportation in general. The big question is, how will their

Diesels here to stay, but EVs ready to jump ahead

by admin | on Jan 4

Diesel-powered trucks are expected to maintain their small share of the U.S. light-vehicle market more than a decade into the

Women take the helm in marketing

by admin | on Jan 4

Here are eight female marketing chiefs at some of the biggest auto brands in the U.S.

2020's hits and misses

by admin | on Dec 28

COVID-19 disrupted but didn't cancel some of 2020's biggest product debuts and tech advances, but we did detect one major

‘Serious' reforms, dialogue spare UAW from government takeover

by admin | on Dec 20

The union's fortunes turned after officials began meeting with prosecutors to demonstrate their commitment to change. The deal they reached

Mobility at a crossroads

by admin | on Dec 8

Automotive News and a panel of experts look at the direction the development of transportation technology will take in light of

GM plants' EV conversion can be quick, straightforward, executive says

by admin | on Dec 4

On the propulsion side, GM will make additional investments to develop batteries and electric motors, said Dane Parker, GM's chief

VW ID4 offers EV shoppers a different kind of interior

by admin | on Nov 30

The Volkswagen ID4 will begin arriving in U.S. showrooms in all 50 states in the first quarter of 2021, but

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