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Police are looking for at least two men caught on camera breaking into cars and driving off in a string of smash and grabs in Studio City.

At least seven cars were hit Saturday night. The latest incident happening in an underground parking structure and was caught on security camera.

“They were searching the car. They were looking through with a flashlight, see if they have any valuables, then they broke the side passenger window with their elbow and took a purse,” Vlad Z., Chin Chin property manager said. 

Security cameras caught the culprits in action.

Vlad is the property manager at Chin Chin, near the corner of Ventura Blvd. and Laurel Canyon.

He says guests alerted staff to a car break-in around 5:45 p.m. Saturday night.

“When the manager of Chin Chin came down he saw it was not just that one car, but a few cars that were hit,” Vlad said. “They went back in the car, and you know, stopped at each car that they saw some interest in and broke in one by one.”

Just down the road, at Fryman Canyon trailhead, four other cars were hit, including Alexis Iacono’s.

“It’s intrusive,” Iacono said. 

She returned from her hike to find her car window shattered.

“They cracked this, grabbed my pocketbook with everything in it,” Iacono said. “My wallet, I.D., credit cards. I canceled that immediately, my social security.”

Police are not confirming if the men caught on camera are responsible for the Fryman Canyon burglaries, but Vlad says he’s on high alert.

“I hope they catch these guys. I fear for the safety of everyone. thank god nobody got hurt,” Vlad said. 

Vlad and Iacano say none of the victims were approached by the suspects, in either case.

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