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With recall voting underway, many Southern California residents are reporting having problems with their ballots.

Lisa Youngworth signed up for Ballottrax in 2020 and asked to be contacted by text.

“I got two texts. One in the morning saying my ballot has been received at the post office, and then I got one at night saying my ballot has been received and counted.”

So what’s wrong with that?

“I haven’t voted. My ballot is sitting here at home,” Youngworth said.

She reached out to the LA County Registrar’s office and so did NBC4.  

They told us they would “look into this further” and urged LA County voters to contact the registrar’s office directly.

Meantime, in the Inland Empire, another resident had a different issue with his ballot.

Michael Sedillo of Riverside has lived in his home for ten years.  

“I got five different ballots,” Sedillo said.

He says five ballots and some voting guides were in his mailbox. One for him and for four other strangers.

“Everybody should have a vote. For or against, it does not matter, they should have the right to vote. I just want to get it back into the mail and to the people, and I just worry this might be a bigger issue than one mistake,” he said.

Youngworth is also hoping this is just one mistake. One that has already made an impact.

“Now, I don’t have confidence in the system,” she said.

If you have similar issues with your voting ballot, call the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office at 1 (800) 815-2666 or email

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