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Pictures: Record-Setting Coaster Set to Debut at SeaWorld

SeaWorld San Diego’s new dive coaster called Emperor is set to open to the public March 12, 2022, and the record-setting coaster has been years in the making.

“The design for the coaster actually began years ago with a company in Switzerland,” project engineer Tim Potter said. “The actual construction of the coaster was about a year, but we had delays because of the Covid and the park closing.”

The dive of the coaster mimics the penguin’s ability to dive deep into the water. At one point, riders are suspended 90 degrees above the ground but the ride is much more than just another rollercoaster.

Potter has ridden the ride multiple times and says that the ride even involved a scenic experience as well.

“I’ve actually ridden the coaster multiple times and every time you’re going up you get to catch of view of downtown,” he said. “You just can’t beat the view from up there.”

SeaWorld’s Public Relations Leader Tracy Spahr said that with their newer coasters SeaWorld has been involving more of the animals in their designs.

“You can see that some of our newer rides, like the Electric Eel, you can experience the ride but also see the animal that the ride represents,” Spahr said.

Emperor is located near the penguin exhibit which allows attendees to get a fully immersive experience.

The coaster has the tallest, fastest, and longest dive in the state of California. It climbs 153 feet with riders’ feet dangling before it takes a 143-foot facedown vertical drop. The coaster accelerates up to 60 mph while covering nearly 2,500 feet of track.  

Designers checked with other amusement parks around the state to make sure this new coaster was setting records with its measurements.

SeaWorld’s news release says the best way for attendees to get to try Emperor out is through a SeaWorld Annual Pass or 2022 Fun Card. The Annual Pass comes with an exclusive ride preview in March and more perks.

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