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Kimberly McGowan says a “code of silence” is preventing her son from getting justice after he was shot to death in San Bernardino.

McGowan wants everyone to see pictures of her youngest son Andre Marin. The 20-year-old was shot and killed Nov. 10 at around 8:30 at night outside a liquor store at the corner of South Tippecanoe Avenue and East Davidson Street.

“It’s a nightmare that I can’t wake up from,” she said.

“As soon as I think I’m all out of tears I try to go to sleep and I wake up and I’m crying again.”

She said San Bernardino police haven’t given her any information about the slaying because it’s still under investigation.

But according to a worker at the liquor store, police have surveillance video of the shooting and the video shows a group of people standing in the parking lot when someone opened fire.

A woman who wished to not be identified for fear of her safety said her son heard at least 10 gunshots.

“It was very scary because me and my brother were playing games and out of nowhere we heard it and got down fast,” she said.

Almost everyday since the 20-year-old was gunned down, his mother has made the long trip from her home in Santa Ana to visit the spot where her son was killed.

She believes there are multiple witnesses who know the shooter but refuse to tell police. She calls it “the code of silence.”

“I come from the streets. I know all about it, but now I get it and it’s very sad that other mothers are going through the same thing,” McGowan said.

That’s why McGowan is putting her personal phone number on social media asking for them to call her with the information if they don’t want to call police.

“And that’s why I put myself out there because I knew this was going to happen.. But there’s no excuse in this case because here I am,” McGowan said.

Anyone with information about this crime call the San Bernardino Police Department at 909-384-5742, and can remain anonymous.

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