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Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department responded to the Riverside County Historic Courthouse after receiving reports of vandalism Saturday.

After arriving to the courthouse deputies detained multiple people near the building who were believed to have been responsible for the vandalism.

Authorities conducted an investigation and determined that the protestors involved at the courthouse were in support of abortion rights.

Protestors used green paint and put handprints on the outside of the courthouse. The total damage amounts to approximately $10,000, according to authorities.

The Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights organization released a statement saying that the protestors were unjustly arrested and were facing excessive charges.

“On July 30th, thirteen protestors were arrested during a small peaceful protest at the Riverside Historic Courthouse,” said the statement. “After being held all night, 5 were released with no charges, but the other 8 are still being held, charged with conspiracy to commit a crime and felony vandalism.”

Olivia Merritt an organizer with Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights called the arrests a way to suppress political speech.

“These charges are excessive and outrageous,” Merritt said. “Last night, a small group of protesters used temporary chalk and kid’s paint to make a political statement: Forced Motherhood Is Female Enslavement! These messages were easily removed.”

Rise Up 4 Abortions Rights is a national organization that is demanding federal action to return abortion access to women across the country after the Supreme Court recently overturned the historic 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

“In a so-called sanctuary state, we are getting arrested for using washable paint and chalk while the lives of women and young girls across this country are being violently disrupted,” said Luna Hernandez, an organizer with Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights and the Revolution Club.

The organization says the chalked messages and handprints were removed from the building by 9 a.m. Sunday.

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