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A memorial grows as family and friends gather at the site where a crash left six people dead in Windsor Hills. 

Candles, flowers and cards line the corner of where the crash happened on Thursday.

“Growing up Reynold was one of the smartest people I knew,” said Dala Guy, sister of Reynold Lester who died in the crash. 

“His body is damn near cremated on the corner and for what. And for what,” said Shanita Guy, Reynold Lester’s aunt. 

The family of 24-year-old Reynold Lester gathered at the crash site on La Brea and Slauson to pray, to grieve and honor the six lives lost in Thursday’s fiery crash.

The crash, caught on surveillance cameras, showed the moment of impact. 

A speeding Mercedes barrels through the intersection sending several cars into a tailspin.

The vehicle Lester was in burst into flames. Lester’s pregnant girlfriend, 23-year-old Ashrey Ryan and her infant son were also in the car and did not survive.

“Just to pay respect to something that didn’t have to happen,” said Vanessa Juarez, a member of the community.

Members of the community stopped by the crash site all day, adding to the growing memorial and saying this is an intersection they pass through multiple times a day.

 “This is our main intersection. I pick him up at 2:30 every day, leave my house at 1:40, 1:45 same intersection. It could have been anyone of us,” said Frederick Hawthorne, a member of the community.  

The California Highway Patrol says the driver of the Mercedes, 37-year-old Nicole Linton, was going 100 mph down La Brea when she ran the red light. 

People who live in the community say they don’t understand how someone could have such disregard for life.

 “Careless, irresponsible act that caused a lot of devastation. took a lot of innocent lives,” Juarez said. 

“When you are coming down an incline with that rate of speed there is no regard for anything in your path. You know the impact you are going to cause is going to be fatal,” Vance Ewing, a member of the community said. 

The driver, registered nurse Nicole Linton from Houston,  was released from the hospital and arrested. She could be charged as early as Monday.  

Linton  is being held on nine million dollars bail.

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