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Those who have spotted him can’t wait for him to zoom by again. This masked Mandalorian, like the Star Wars character, is on a mission of sorts, only this “man child,” as he calls himself, is armed with his sense of humor.

On his skateboard, he travels at the speed of traffic through LA streets.

“I’ll just ride behind traffic with everybody. Police officers think it’s hysterical…I’ve been pulled over once…he’s like why do you think you can just go through a red light? And I went space pirate…nothing you can do but laugh.”

Unlike other Mandalorians, this one who hails from Toluca Lake is revealing his face. Tim Brehmer is a stand-up comedian who realized he no longer needs a stage.

“This whole thing got started because I’m a big box of stupid and I love making people laugh, and when quarantine hit, they were talking about 2022, that we wouldn’t be able to perform again,” said Brehmer. “And a friend of mine was like, ‘dude, the world is your stage, go act on it!'”

Brehmer’s appeal is picking up steam.

“You wouldn’t believe, like, with girls…it’s ‘look it’s Baby Yoda, oh my god! Baby Yoda!’…with guys, it’s like ‘Boba Fett!’…and kids are like ‘It’s Mandalorian!'”

But for this out-of-work comedian, this act is for himself just as much as his audience.

“There’s no greater feeling in the world, and with some people with depression, a pill can help, with some people therapy can help, with me, this is my therapy,” said Brehmer.

And when Brehmer realized he is also helping spread happiness, as the Mandalorians would say, this is the way.

“As long as they’re smiling as I zoom by, that’s all I care about and that’s the only medicine I really need.”

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