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Gas prices across the country continue to soar, and in LA County, they seem to be setting new records every couple of days.

In a new study done by AAA, they suggest not using premium gas unless your car manufacturer requires it in your vehicle.

Insurance companies like Geico and Progressive also share similar advice.

Using premium gas when your car does not require it will not guarantee a cleaner engine or make your car run smoother.

It’s a myth.

Premium gas is just gasoline that has an octane level of 91 or greater. Octane level measures the heat resistance that fuel, which is also an indication of whether there will be knocking while an engine runs.

You can save money at the pump and use regular gas if your car allows it. With prices rising so high, drivers are looking for different ways to save a little.

There are cars that require premium gas because they have high-compression engines or other high-performance aspects that need higher-grade gasoline.

Using a lower-grade gas when your car requires it can cause the engine to knock, lead to more maintenance checkups and cause other issues down the road.

Check your car manual to see what will work for your car, but if it’s not required, save your cash.

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