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State health officials may soon be announcing a date to end the indoor mask requirement at schools across California. 

New York, the nation’s largest school district, is set to lift its school mask mandate on March 7th and Monday we could find out when California would do the same. 

“I’m not upset by it, everybody has a choice to protect their children,” said Nena Cruz.   

“Of course it still worries me, you can still catch it whether you are vaccinated or not, wear a mask or not,” Cruz said. 

The controversy  began last spring when children went back into the classrooms for in person instruction.

Parents, teachers and students were having heated debates at board meetings over the face coverings.

Now, two years into the pandemic, medical experts are looking into whether school kids should still be masking up.

“When you breathe the air comes back warm and gives you a headache,” said Lily, Cruz’s 8-year-old daughter. 

Lily admits that wearing a mask throughout the school day is no fun but she says she does it for one reason.

“It keeps you safe,” she said.

Yet with COVID cases on a downward trend, California health officials say they’re ready to set new guidelines that could downgrade the indoor mask mandate in classrooms to a strong recommendation.

 While many are looking forward to their kids ditching the mask, English High School teacher Logan Schreiner doesn’t feel it’s the right time just yet. 

“Middle of the school year, changing big policies is always kinda stressful,”  Schreiner said.

Schreiner just returned to work from paternity leave and with two unvaccinated children at home, one of them a newborn, the latest news is unsettling.

“There’s still been surges with the holidays, you just never know. I’d like to keep things constant for the rest of the school year,” Schreiner said.

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