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Four men were behind bars Thursday, after police say they carried handguns to a home and tried to kick down the door.  

The homeowner spoke exclusively with NBC4 and shared surveillance video of the attempted home invasion in Fontana.

The incident happened around three this morning, as four armed men repeatedly tried to kick down the front door of a home.

A family of six, including four young children, were inside.

The homeowner, who asked not to be identified, spoke with NBC4 over zoom. She says she screamed at the men from an upstairs window.

“We heard the first kick through our door and by the second one I was already up calling 911,” she said. “I opened the door and cursed at them. I said you better get the ‘bad word’ out of my house. I have police on the way!”

The men ran off, but a short time later, they can be seen returning to the home — apparently trying to break in through a side entrance.

When they couldn’t get in, they ran off again. 

The homeowner says she heard a shot ring out, so her husband fired his own gun from the upstairs window into the grass.

 “Your instinct is to protect yourself. These individuals shot, and my husband didn’t shoot towards them, but he shot down towards them to let them know we have guns as well.”

One Fontana police officer racing to the scene crashed into a truck. Nobody was seriously injured.

Other officers chased after the suspect’s white sedan, and eventually the men stopped and got out and ran.

Police say they found five handguns inside the car, along with cash and jewelry. Investigators are trying to determine whether the men are linked to any other crimes.

“There was a short foot pursuit, then all the suspects were apprehended from there. One of them got away for a short time, but he was found later in a dumpster of a nearby school,” Kevin Anderson from the Fontana Police Department said.

The homeowner says she hopes they get locked up for a long time.

“They knew what they were doing, so I don’t feel wrong or sad for them.”

The homeowner believes the men were casing the neighborhood because a family friend saw their white sedan parked nearby for several hours before they tried to break down the door. 

The four men face charges of attempted home invasion and illegal possession of guns.

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