Woman Shares Terrifying ‘Number Neighbor’ Story

on Aug12
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A Los Angeles woman says her ‘Number Neighbor’ experience took a dark turn and now she’s warning others of the possible downsides to the latest social media game.

The woman, who only wanted to be identified as Ashley, said she wanted to play along with the online challenge, in which people text the phone number that is one off of their own number. There are thousands of examples online, and most seem to show positive interactions.

Instead of the positive response, she got death threats and terror.

The person on the other end of the text thread threatened to kill her in a series of terrifying messages, insisting that he was on his way to her house, along with videos of someone loading two different guns and more than 70 missed calls.

Ashley has filed a police report, but said she wanted to speak out to warn others that the seemingly fun “game” could have frightening repercussions.

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