Toyota’s FT-4X and what people are saying

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Toyota’s FT-4X concept, introduced at the 2017 New York show, is based off of the company’s global TNGA platform, which underpins fellow subcompact crossover C-HR. The concept checks the boxes of features aimed at millennials and their outdoor-focused adventures. Here’s what people are saying about the FT-4X concept:

“When Toyota announced it would be ‘four-wheeling and scene stealing’ with its FT-4X concept at the 2017 New York auto show, fans got all worked up over a possible successor to the legendary FJ40 or the capable FJ Cruiser.

They wanted a beefy, rugged SUV with lockable axles, crawling differentials, loads of articulation and plenty of torque for the off-roading hardcore. And then Toyota revealed the FT-4X to be yet another rugged compact crossover aimed at outdoorsy millennials.

I suppose we should have known better.

Every cool detail is matched with some cringy feature like the GoPro camera built into the driver’s side mirror, door handles that double as water bottles or the swappable vertical side panels that can be removed or replaced with solid colored or tinted glass replacements. And the internet is already poking fun at how useful those bright red tow hooks will be when this thing needs to be pulled out back on the road where it belongs.”

— Antuan Goodwin, Roadshow by CNET

“The FT-4X would (if built) be powered by a ‘small-displacement’ inline-four and come equipped with a low-range-equipped four-wheel-drive system. So while it’s not exactly an FJ Cruiser, it might pack a little more capability than the average soft-roader. Toyota says the concept’s wheelbase is 103.9 inches, with a width of 71.7 inches and an overall length of 167.3 inches and a height of 63.9 inches. That first number is identical to the new C-HR compact crossover, suggesting that there’s a platform already ready and willing to accommodate this thing.

But is it really necessary? Your author just went to Zion National Park in a rental-spec Kia Sorento, so the whole idea of needing an adventure-ready overlander (or some unibody approximation thereof) to actually have adventures is ridiculous. Then again, so is buying a Trail Rated Wrangler for grocery duty. If we’re facing down a future flush with crossovers, we’d prefer wacky, fun, emergency beacon-equipped crossovers to the soulless alternative.”

— Graham Kozak, Autoweek

Photo credit: BLOOMBERG

“The FT-4X is a pure concept, and little of it appears ready for production. But think of it as a smaller, urbanized look at the potential future of the FJ lineage. Toyota is thinking about young urbanites who want the image of off-road capability, even if they’re never going to crawl over rocks. You know, something perfect for the perilous journey to Coachella.

However casual its off-road intentions, the design team nailed the look. In person, the FT-4X successfully adapts the cues of the brand’s iconic SUVs to a modern appearance, making the design appear ready to carry the torch. The overall exterior size nearly mirrors that of the subcompact Toyota C-HR, placing a potential production version in the same class as other compact off-roaders such as the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk.”

— Carlos Lago, Edmunds

“Looks a little like a mashup of a Kia Soul, Honda Element and Jeep Renegade with some design elements from what I assume might have been the second-generation FJ Cruiser.

But I wouldn’t get hung up on any of that, because the whole thing just feels like we’re being focused grouped to see if we might be interested in buying a Toyota-branded Jeep Renegade rival. Which, actually, might not be a bad thing.

Damn it, yeah, build us a Toyota Jeep Renegade! Don’t hate this thing too hard because it’s bitty. A fuel-efficient 4×4 with modest capability, city livability and Toyota truck quality would kind of rule and you know it.”

— Andrew P. Collins, Jalopnik

“It amps up the design behind the already creative C-HR with a visual X-theme from every angle. The pinched side creates a convex X that bows out to the car’s widest point at the front door handles. The lines connecting the flared upper and lower corners of the front fenders meet at the oversize grille logo. The lines of the rear end create another convex X. To be sure, there are echoes here of the also-X-themed Jeep Renegade SUV — particularly in the pinched center — but the FT-4X goes its own way. It also includes some cues of its Toyota family heritage, with a grille panel and headlights that evoke a 1980 Land Cruiser or the FJ Cruiser. And the vertical rear ‘picture window’ (driver’s side only) looks lifted from a 1990s Toyota Pickup Xtracab.”

— Fred Meier,

“With a boxy frame and a litany of cool and, let’s say, non-traditional utility features, the Toyota FT-4X concept is set to appeal to city dwellers who enjoy out-of-town camping, hiking or snowboarding excursions.

With a total length of less than 14 feet, the FT-4X, which stands for Future Toyota Four-Wheel Drive Crossover, is basically a rolling, all-wheel drive cargo box that can be parallel parked, if need be.”

— Kyle Campbell, New York Daily News

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