That Taco Bell-Themed Hotel Is Opening in Palm Springs

on Aug9
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How to enjoy a hotel and one of your favorite fast-fooderies? The answer, pretty much through today, has always been this: Order a bag of take-out, return to your hotel with your bag o’ snacks in hand, then enjoy a nosh while sitting in your room. But that’s all changing on Aug. 8, for a limited time, when The Bell, “Taco Bell’s First-Ever Dream Hotel,” opens in Palm Springs.

Reservations booked up faster than it takes to devour a bag of tortilla chips (as in, less than two minutes), but you can peek inside at just what a Taco Bell overlay looks like (the hotel underneath it all is the V Palm Springs). Several guest DJs, splashy dive-in movies, a salon, places to take pretty pictures, on-site retail, and other delicious details will fill out the hotel’s short but sure to be much-much-much-photographed five-day stay in the desert resort city.

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