Road-Rage Victims Recall Violent Encounter in Sherman Oaks

on Apr26
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James Dallas and his wife, Alitzah Wiener, were frightened when a man came up to their minivan in Sherman Oaks Wednesday night with a baseball bat.

“He said he was going to kill me, he said he was going to shoot me,” Dallas said.

While sitting in their minivan a stoplight at Ventura Boulevard and Dixie Canyon all they wanted to do was descalate a situation when a well-dressed man got of his car and walked over to another.

“I see this guy going crazy, cursing and banging on this woman’s car,” Wiener said.

Dallas rolled down his window.

He said, “hey, man you don’t want to do this. It’s not worth it.”

All of the sudden he was looking at him with rage in his eyes, Wiener said.

“He popped his trunk and then I saw the bat and that’s when I lost it and I was screaming and crying.

Dallas said he smashed his window as he started to pull away.

Just as Wiener jumped out of her car, she started screaming down Ventura.

“Please call the cops!”

Then the man just bolted after the light changed.

A restaurant valet tried to help, capturing a cellphone video of the Dodge Charger heading east on Ventura.

The police report labeled it a road rage.

“I wouldn’t recommend a lot of people get involved and I shouldn’t have either,” Dallas said. “Guys like that need to get off the road.”

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