Home Security Camera Captures Man Brutally Beating Woman in San Bernardino

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Troubling home security camera video captured a man violently beating a woman on a porch in San Bernardino, and police are searching for the man and woman.

The family inside the home with cameras that captured the brutal beating at about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday said they’re heartbroken. The frightened stranger came to their door, desperately pleading for help, but the homeowners say they didn’t open the door out of fear that the man would hurt them, too. 

“Suddenly, she opened the gate, running to our door and start banging the door,” a homeowner, wishing to remain anonymous, says.

The homeowners say they’re coming forward because they want the man caught, recalling the chilling pleas from the woman: “He’s killing me… Help me please.”

Moments after she was banging on the door and crying for help, a man approached the woman on the porch. The woman appeared to try to hug him, but he shoved her to the ground and appeared to hit her multiple times. Then, the man grabbed a large planter and hit the woman.

After that, the man walked away.

The woman can be seen running back to the driveway. The homeowners said she began banging on the other windows trying to get into the home.

They showed NBCLA a broken broom stick, which they say the man used to hit the woman.

“I hope the lady is still alive, but she was yelling, telling us he was going to kill her,” the homeowner said. “Honestly, I was going to come out and grab that guy and do something, but then i thought about my family.”

The family has no idea who the two people are, and neither do police. The homeowners called police, but the man and woman were gone by the time they arrived.

The witnesses to the attack say that as much as they wanted to help, they feared for their safety. They said they saw the man force the woman into a silver Mercedes SUV.

Police are urging anyone who knows the two people to contact detectives. Detectives said they believe the woman is severely hurt. Police are actively searching for that SUV and the pair.

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