Charles Phoenix Pops by Long Beach for Slide Show Fun

on Jun8
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What to Know

  • Sunday, June 9

  • Art Theatre in Long Beach

  • $45

The mega-mondo-huge-opolis that we can Greater Southern California?

It’s shiny, it’s as threaded with freeways as a child’s construct-a-city floor game, and it is forever looking to the future as it builds, builds, builds.

But sometimes?

Pockets of wayback-ness continue to exist, and even thrive. Retro shops, old-school eateries, historic buildings, and lovely landmarks tell of an earlier day.

As do comedic historians who are full-on mid-century mavens.

Mr. Charles Phoenix more than qualifies in this particularly cool category, and the Americana-obsessed entertainer will be bringing a history-flavored host of witty observances to one of SoCal’s most retro-fied places on Sunday, June 9.

That would be Long Beach, of course. 

And while the LBC has plenty of newer sights within its borders, it still has that vintage spirit, making it the ideal spot for Charles Phoenix’s Long Beachland.

The Sunday Funday slide show, which is presented by Long Beach Architecture Week, will celebrate the city of more than a half century ago, with colorful images capturing long-gone locations as well as those places that still power on, fabulously.

“Experience the Pike Amusements, local oddities, legendary attractions, Art Deco and mid-century architecture, vintage neon signs, nifty neighborhoods, the glory of googie, story of Miss Universe, and much more all in glorious Kodachrome color!” is the vivacious vibe for the late-morning event.

A ticket is $45 and the location? Oh yes, it’s the lovely Art Theatre, right on Long Beach’s Retro Row.

Do you remember the LBC of the 1950s and ’60s? Or was that before your time, and you long to know that stylish era better?

Buy your passage back, with time-traveler extraordinaire Charles Phoenix, and love upon the Long Beach of yore.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of stepping out in splendid sartorial fashion? The kind of clothes seen a half-century ago? You absolutely should, so twirl those pinafores and don those neckties, Long Beach buffs.

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