Your Backyard Fruit Can Now Be Gelato

on Oct2
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What to Know

  • DTLA location (541 S. Spring Street)

  • Three pounds of fruit needed

  • $80

So you live in Southern California, and you have a yard, and in this yard there are trees, and on these trees there are, quite often, lemons or kumquats or figs, which means that you’re often overcome with an emotion that can only be described as fruit joy.

But fruit joy has a way of turning into fruit stress, if you can’t possibly use up all of those loquats or oranges. And that stress increases when your coworkers and neighbors won’t accept any more over-brimming bags from you (because they, too, have a lot of fruit at home).

How to best deal with the appetizing gifts of your backyard and use up all of the fruit your trees have kindly produced? Gelateria Uli, in downtown Los Angeles, has a sweet suggestion: Make gelato.

Or rather, they’ll make the gelato for you, if you show up at their Spring Street location with three pounds of fruit and eighty bucks.

If you’d like all of that cool dessert placed into a dozen pint containers, that’s an additional $20.

Not a gelato fan? Sorbet is an option, too, for your fruit bounty.

The gelateria was prompted to open this tantalizing service, which they’ve dubbed The Backyard Fruit Project, to customers after making some batches of gelato and sorbet for a family member and friends. 

It’s a smart way to use the fruit in your yard, and to have it last rather longer than a citrus or fig sitting on the counter will. And might you put a ribbon on each of those pints and hand them out as holiday gifts?

There’s an idea.

We do live in a fruit-tastic region, and using all of the good things that our yards produce is wise.

If those good things show up in dessert? Well, you’ll get no argument here: That also sounds completely wise, and a little whimsical, too.

Find out more about Gelateria Uli’s Backyard Fruit Project now, fruit fans.

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