Woofers to Wiggle and Waggle at Pasadena Pup Walk

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What to Know

  • Sunday, Sept. 29

  • Brookside Park near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena

  • Registration is open

Your dog is, without a doubt, quibble, or argument, the nicest pup on the planet.

He’ll give you a cuddle when you’re feeling low. He knows to wag his tail when you walk in the room. And would he share his favorite meaty treat with you, if you asked?

Well… we wouldn’t go that far.

But he is a giver, in short. How, though, can he give back on a wider scale, beyond your own home? He can’t join a charity’s phone bank, nor go door-to-door for an organization, but he can play an important part in the 21st annual Wiggle Waggle Walk at Pasadena’s Brookside Park.

The Fido-focused fundraiser will trot again, with cheer, a few arfs, some sweet bandannas, and a can-do spirit on Sunday, Sept. 29.

The aim of the four-footed festivity? To help out the animals of the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA.

“This family-friendly event helps provide food, shelter, and veterinary care to thousands of animals who come through the shelter’s doors each year,” is the good word from the event.

No worries if you haven’t put a team together. You can join on your own, with your hound, and you’ll each get a little something. You? You’ll get that all-important bib. Your furry one? There’s a bandanna, oh yes.

And if you haven’t seen a cavalcade of canines rocking colorful bandannas on a crisp Sunday morning, it is a sight that falls in the “happy-making” column of life.

For more on this longtime Lassie-loving to-do, arf arf (which is, yes, “click here”).

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