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According to doctors, almost all of the COVID-19 deaths involve the unvaccinated.

And now the family of a Redlands man is wondering if he would still be alive today if he would have gotten vaccinated.

The father of two was a popular car club organizer who helped local children.

Griselda Franco Perret remembered the love of her life, husband, Freddie, who died at age 39, leaving behind two young daughters.

“He just had a good heart,” she said. “He had so many people he loved and loved him back. He always loved them took care of them, made sure they knew it.”

Freddie was also a popular car club organizer who often dressed up like Santa at events for children, including some with the CHP.

“And they would get people to donate toys, to donate to children in need,” his wife said.

In August, Griselda says Freddie had trouble breathing so he went to Redlands Community Hospital.

She says doctors determined that Freddie had pneumonia but his COVID-19 tests were inconclusive.

To their surprise that’s also when Griselda says they found out Freddie was diabetic.

He told her they were moving him to a room so he can be on oxygen.

While being treated at the hospital, Griselda says Freddie somehow contracted COVID-19. Soon after his health declined rapidly.

Freddie sent out this heart breaking message on social media, saying, “I got COVID now. Welp its been a blast.”

Griselda says doctors recommended that he be intubated.

He said he was scared, that he didn’t want to die, Griselda said.

On Sept. 24 Freddie’s heart stopped beating. She watched as doctors and nurses tried desperately to keep revive him, but they couldn’t.

“He needed me to be there in his final moments,” she said. “No matter how hard it was. I’m glad I was able to be there.”

Griselda says in March she got vaccinated for COVID-19 but Freddie chose not to.

“He was like, ‘I don’t feel like they’ve done enough testing on the vaccines yet.'”

Doctors say the vaccination is highly effective in preventing death.

Griselda said she wishes he would have gotten the vaccine.

“Maybe it could have made a difference.”

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