What Trump should notice in Texas: all people, regardless of immigration status or race, helping others

on Aug28

To the editor: There is a collateral benefit to the horrendous, devastating storm in Texas. This should be appreciated by President Trump on Tuesday when he visits the affected areas. (“In Houston, pleas for help go out over social media: ‘Please send help. 911 is not responding,’” Aug. 27)

He should notice that women and men of Hispanic heritage and others of all colors and races have come to the rescue of the victims of this major disaster. All this is being done independent of the immigration status of the population.

What they do have in common is this: strength of purpose and a willingness to sacrifice their own safety in order to save others. Solidarity, dignity and national unity should now emerge intact with no stains.

We are all Texans.

David S. Cantor, Los Angeles


To the editor: With an unprecedented storm in Texas it is astonishing that the loss of life is not higher. Stories abound of heroes everywhere, bringing out the best in human nature.

Yet there are people who criticized Houston for having “no plan at all.” How do you plan for a storm that hasn’t told you in advance where it would hit? Evacuate the entire state?

How about mentioning the plan that we really need? How about the Paris climate agreement?

Now there’s a plan. It tries to counteract the global warming that is causing these horrendous climate changes.

The men controlling our government continue to have their heads in the sand so that they and the interests they serve can profit from drilling and fracking. It’s time to get with a real plan.

Patricia LoVerme, South Pasadena

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