Two-Legged Chihuhua Adopted Into Loving Arizona Home

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What to Know

  • Joey is a two-legged chihuahua that was found in a parking lot on Feb. 12.

  • A family from Arizona has adopted the dog.

  • The family says they want to get a wheelchair for Joey.

A week into his new home and the sweet two legged pooch named Joey is living comfortably with his adopted family in Arizona.

Danielle Bressi who has a soft spot for disabled dogs adopted Joey Feb. 26 and drove nearly 500 miles from her home in Tucson, Arizona to Pomona to pick him up. On the way home, little Joey, named for a baby kangaroo, curled up with Bressi’s daughter in the back seat.

“He stayed right on her lap. He knew, ‘this is my family now,'” Bressi said. “He curled up in my lap as I drove.”

Joey was found abandoned Feb. 12 in a church parking lot in Ontario. Veterinarians at the Inland Valley Humane Society don’t know what happened to the dog, but they were able to save it and nurse it back to health.

Bressi saw the story on Facebook and instantly fell in love. Joey eats kibble — the hard kind — but he doesn’t miss a chance from time to time to snatch a pepperoni pizza from the kitchen table.

Joey is also bonding well with Max, Bressi’s other dog whose hind legs are paralyzed. He’s doesn’t show signs of aggression, and he hops around the house to get his bearings.

Bressi said her heart melted because little Joey reminded her of her previous dog that died in 2017. Now Joey’s going to get his own special wheelchair so he can get around easier on his own.

“I’m just so happy we got the chance to adopt him and make him part of our family,” said Bressi. “It’s like having a little baby.”

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