Trump’s most memorable Twitter bombshells of 2018

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The Twitter Inc. account of U.S. President Donald Trump, @realDoanldTrump

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The Twitter Inc. account of U.S. President Donald Trump, @realDoanldTrump

President Donald Trump’s Twitter habit grew even more prolific in 2018.

Trump sent more than 3,400 tweets this year — an average of nearly 10 tweets a day, and a sizable increase from the president’s first year in office, according to data collected by the Trump Twitter Archive and reviewed by CNBC.

And despite the seemingly constant din of news bombshells breaking around his White House this year, Trump became even more reliant on Twitter as the primary means of communication for both his administration and himself.

White House press briefings, which nearly disappeared in the second half of 2018, have been largely supplanted by salvos of 280 characters or less, launched most mornings from Trump’s official account. In the past six months, Trump’s tweet-rate ramped up even more, to an average of nearly 12 per day from 8 per day in the first half.

That inflated volume hasn’t diluted the president’s penchant for hurling invective toward his detractors and political adversaries, however.

Through his tweets — which the Justice Department treats as official presidential statements — Trump criticized foreign leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, calling the former “weak” and the latter “short and fat”; repeatedly vented rage against the probe of Russian election meddling and possible collusion helmed by special counsel Robert Mueller; excoriated critics of his trade and immigration policies; and even lashed out at officials serving in his own administration.

The president’s tweets have affected U.S. lawmakers, global alliances and the stock market. Here are 10 of Trump’s most explosive tweets in 2018:

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