Trump Fed Pick’s Divorce Records Are Put Under Temporary Seal

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Since Mr. Trump took office, Mr. Moore has pushed for lower rates. In December, angered by the fourth rate increase of the year, he called for the Fed’s chairman, Jerome H. Powell, to step down or be fired.

Mr. Trump has lauded Mr. Moore’s views on the Fed, but it is unclear whether he could win Senate confirmation.

Last year, the I.R.S. filed a lien against Mr. Moore related to the $75,000 in back taxes. Mr. Moore, in an interview last week with The New York Times, described that lien as a “huge miscalculation” by the agency.

It is unclear whether the $75,000 tax lien relates to the child- and spousal-support-payment delinquencies laid out by The Guardian.

Mr. Moore said in an interview on Thursday that, for a single tax year, he had claimed both the value of his alimony, which at the time was deductible for all divorces, and the value of his child support payments, which are not. He said the child support amounted to about $18,000, which, given his tax bracket, worked out to about $6,000 in taxes that he owed but did not pay. He blamed the error on his accountant.

But Mr. Moore said he was not simply hit with a back-tax bill. After an audit, he said, the I.R.S. deemed his return for that year “fraudulent” and disallowed other deductions. With penalties and fees, the amount came to more than $75,000, he said.

Mr. Moore said he and his current wife had tried for years to resolve the issue with the I.R.S., including dispute resolution, but had not heard from the agency in nearly two years.

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