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It’s been a tough year for the son of a retired Inglewood police captain.

In just the past few months, Steve Roger lost his mother and his father. Now his family is dealing with another heartbreaking loss.

Thieves have stolen almost all of their priceless family treasures.

“You hear the stories of a man dying of a broken heart,” said Roger about his father Lawrence and his mother Joyce. “I truly believe when she passed I saw the decline in him.”

They were married for 57 years until she died in February. He followed her a few weeks ago.

Lawrence was an Air Force veteran and a police captain for Inglewood police before retiring after 27 years of service.

“I have a lot of stories about my dad being on duty during the Watts riots. My dad saw a lot of good and bad things.”

Over the weekend, Steve drove to his parents’ Murrieta home to bring back some of their belongings to his home in Arizona.

Much of it was memorabilia from his mother’s life and his father’s career in law enforcement, including pictures and badges.

“And all of the accolades he got from the police department,” Steve said. “Some of the medals and from the Air Force, all the stuff was in there.”

All of it was inside a trailer that was parked outside his parents’ home.

But just hours before Steve was supposed to head out, someone stole his Ford F-350 and the trailer it was connected to.

Steve couldn’t believe what happened when he walked outside that morning.

“Mortified… I didn’t know how to think.”

Steve’s wife says the thieves didn’t only steal a truck and trailer, they stole their family’s history, priceless heirlooms that should be passed on to their two sons.

“These were the only grandchildren that his parents have,” Lisa Roger said.

The rogers’ believe the thieves may have driven into the neighborhood in a light-colored truck.

They have this message for the criminals who stole their memories.

“You can have everything. I just want my dad’s stuff back. It’s irreplaceable.”

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