Tattooed and Shirtless Man Arrested After Dangerous and Erratic Stolen SUV Chase

on May30
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The shirtless driver of a reportedly stolen SUV was taken into custody after leading police on a dangerous and erratic cat-and-mouse chase on Los Angeles streets and freeways Thursday afternoon.

After playing cat-and-mouse with police by repeatedly stopping and starting the vehicle, prentending like he was going to give up, the driver made several dangerous moves, nearly hitting cars as he sped through intersections and through red lights.

The SUV came to an end after the driver ran across a spike strip, carrying it away with the car and doing a series of 360 degree turns to try and free it from the vehicle. A police SUV performed a PIT maneuver, spinning it around and into another bystander’s SUV.

The man then climbed out of the damaged SUV’s window before being taken into custody by officers.

A previous PIT maneuver attempt failed, with the driver speeding away in the opposite direction.

The driver was previously speeding on the 110 Freeway before exiting near Century Boulevard. He repeatedly entered and exited the freeway, weaving through neighborhoods near the Banc of California stadium.

Several times he stopped to talk to people on the side of residential streets before pulling off again as police approached.

There appeared to be only one person in the car.

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