Taco Madness, SoCal’s Savoriest Showdown

on May3
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What to Know

  • Saturday, May 4

  • 6 p.m. to midnight

  • Free entry, food and drink available for purchase, 21+

Even if you’ve got a competitive streak that’s as long as a mile, and you’ve got to be the first one to cross a finish line, and the ultimate victor at whatever board game you choose, there are certain instances in life that are truly of the “everyone wins” variety.

And let’s just cut through the slaw, the cotija, the green sauce, the carne asada, and the roasted cauliflower here: Tacos, for a lot of people, rule the “all tacos win always and forever” category.

Because tacos? They’re classic make-everything-better-ers, and few things in this life qualify on that front.

But if there has to be a good-natured, vibes-are-strong showdown, involving tacos, and local taco-making pros, it should be Taco Madness, which returns to La Plaza de Cultura y Artes in DTLA on Saturday, May 4.

Several taco-making titans have gone tortilla-to-tortilla on an appetite-inducing bracket, with two majors making the finals at the LA Taco-helmed event: Sonoratown and Tacos Y Birria La Unica.

Taco-ists can find out who the winner will be, on May 4, but Taco Madness is also about the eating and enjoyment of tacos, too.

Getting into the piquant party is totally free, but, indeed and for sure, have money should you want a taco or twelve. “You can buy individual tickets for plates and drinks at $8.00 each, so super flexible: eat and drink as much or as little as you like.”

Also important to know? It’s a 21-plus fiesta, so there’s that. Be two decades old, plus a year, at least, dear taco lovers.

Taco lovers and michelada lovers, that is: There shall be major michelada sightings, and sippings, at the festival, as well as craft beer, too.

And if you find that you loved Taco Madness, after the Saturday evening affair wraps, and you absolutely need more tacos and madness, check it out: Smorgasburg LA is hosting a Taco Madness After-Party on Sunday, May 5 called Hangover Cures & Hot Sauces.

A weekend full of top-notch taco tastiness? This is definitely straight out of the “everyone totally wins” column.

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