Sweater-up for Brrr-bank’s Winter Wine Walk and Fair

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What to Know

  • Saturday, Nov. 16

  • Free street fair from Noon to 8 p.m.

  • Winter wine walk begins at 4 p.m. (tickets are $50-$99)

Hot, cold, or somewhere in the lukewarm zone?

It’s hard to say what a November day, and night, will deliver ’round Southern California.

Our nearest star can make a fall afternoon feel like summer, but, by 7 p.m., we’re checking to see if there are pockets in the jacket we grabbed, because our fingers are frosty.

The annual Burbank Winter Wine Walk and Street Fair gets this in-between existence we’re now all occupying as the eleventh month reaches its midpoint.

“Winter” is the vibe of this popular to-do, which will take up several happy hours of Saturday, Nov. 16, and several festive blocks of Downtown Burbank, too. 

And yet?

The street fair part, which is free, is very much about soaking up the sunbeams. It lasts for eight hours, and when the sun goes down, there’s a snowfall to enjoy, which isn’t actually snow of course, but fanciful Southern California machine-made snow.

Booths to shop, live music, and other holiday-ready happenings fill up the large-scale spectacular.

And on the 21+ front? There is the Winter Wine Walk, a separate but complementary event that begins at 4 o’clock. This is ticketed, and may be sold out by Nov. 16, so secure your entry soon if you’d like to join.

For sure, you can don your go-to Christmas sweater, the one that’s threaded with tinsel and real lights. Or wear whatever you like as you call upon tasting locations around the area.

And, you bet, beer will be part of the goings-on, too, if you’re more about the hops than the grapes.

So is it fall, winter, summer, or what? We’re in that unpredictable chute between seasons, but if you can’t wait for colder days, or at least wintry charms, Downtown Burbank is your best bet as the second half of November begins.

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