Surveillance Video Shows Fatal Fourth of July Hit-and-Run Crash

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department recently acquired surveillance video that reveals how a mother of five died in a Fourth of July hit-and-run crash in Riverside County.

Surveillance video from Stauffer’s Lawn Equipment shows Charline Wells, 42, walking south on Mission Trail around midnight on July 4. Family members believe she was walking back home after a night out.

The video shows Wells, at times, stumbling into an oncoming lane. Moments later, she is on the roadway in Sylvester Road as a truck approaches her. The vehicle strikes her and leaves the scene.

A man is later shown finding Well’s lifeless body and running to get help.

Charlena Acuna, the victim’s aunt, said her family is devastated, and they are hoping investigators can identify the driver and bring him to justice.

“How dare you leave a human being lying there to die when there was a possibility she was still alive? You could have called paramedics, at least,” Acuna said.

Bruce Stauffer, the owner of Stauffer’s Lawn Equipment, said when he heard about the local hit and run, he immediately checked his surveillance cameras, hoping to help Riverside County Sheriff’s investigators identify the driver of this truck.

“There was a silhouette of her standing there, and you see two headlights coming toward her, and all of a sudden it was like one headlight dropped,” Stauffer said. “Nobody needs to go that way, and then for the person to just hit-and-run, like it was yesterday’s news–it’s sad.”

Family members said this is the second time the victim was involved in a hit-and-run while walking.

Wells is survived by her five sons, the youngest only six years old.

“She was a beautiful person. She loved life. Emotionally, mentally we are heartbroken. Her kids are devastated,” Acuna said.

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