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A special marketplace is opening back up at the Port of Los Angeles and local artists are ecstatic to be back to work.

CRAFTED gathers more than 100 vendors for a handmade marketplace experience, and will open its doors Saturday, June 13, at noon.

“We’ve been closed for three months. All of our artists in here have spent the time learning new techniques, working on their websites. But we really miss our customers so it’s going to be great to open up this weekend,” Executive Director Rachel Sindelar said. 

For safety’s sake, they’re abiding by county and city orders, requiring masks and offering hand sanitizer. 

“And lots of social distancing marks on the floor so people know to stay six feet apart,” Sindelar said.

Vendors even have plexiglass coverings in front of their booths to limit the spread of any potential germs. For customers who would feel comfortable with extra precautions, curbside pick-up and shop-by-appointment options are available, Sindelar said. 

Even the bars and eateries at CRAFTED, like Dave Holop’s Brouwerij West, are equipped for “contactless ordering, contactless payment,” he said. “You can scan a QR code with your phone, it pulls up our menu. You can order right from your phone… it sends the order right to the bar.” 

To Sheena Tahilramani, owner of Banter & Bliss Candle Co., the cool part about CRAFTED is that “you can get all these activities under one roof, and you can talk to the small business owners behind the actual businesses.”

So, what will it be? From water marbling to candle making, there’s lots to see, do and experience under one roof until they close at 6 p.m.

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