Shootout at Texas dealership kills 3

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State troopers investigate a shooting that took place at Nissan of Greenville in Texas. Photo credit: WFAA-TV

UPDATED: 5/31/17 4:13 pm ET – adds identities, video

A shooting last night at a Nissan dealership in the Dallas region left three people dead.

Officers arrived at Nissan of Greenville around 7:20 p.m. local time, responding to reports of multiple gunshots. Approximately 20 shots were fired, shattering the front glass in the showroom and damaging some of the vehicles.

Dealership CEO Rick Ford told Automotive News that two men in plain clothes arrived at the dealership Tuesday afternoon, posing as federal agents. They were waiting for a third man who showed up with a woman looking to purchase a car.

“I’ve been told that the two gentlemen approached him with handcuffs, who were going to try to arrest him, and that’s when the shooting started,” Ford said.

Identities released

City officals confirmed two of the men who died were bounty hunters Gabriel Bernal, 33, and Fidel Garcia Jr., 54, working with F.N.G Security and Investigations of Corpus Christi.

The city identified their target as Ramon Michael Hutchinson, 49, a fugitive from Minnesota wanted on charges including assaulting a law-enforcement officer. Hutchinson had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a first degree drug charge from the Hennepin County Sherriff’s Office in Minneapolis.

According to a release, Hutchinson was in an office at the dealership with another person when he was approached by Bernal and Garcia. Both bounty hunters drew weapons and began giving Hutchinson commands. Hutchinson attempted to pull a pistol from his waistband but dropped the weapon on a desk. A scuffle ensued in the office until Hutchinson retrieved his weapon and began firing. Both Garcia and Bernal returned fire.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The video below, provided by Greenville police, contains graphic footage.

Crews were repairing the dealership showroom on Wednesday afternoon. Photo credit: RFJ Auto Partners

Police informed Ford the two men had presented fake identification cards to dealership employees and waited for roughly two hours.

“Our guys are not trained to the point of being able to identify what’s real and what’s not. The police department has since told me that the badges people can buy now are so good that they can’t even tell the difference,” Ford told Automotive News. “They told us, in the future, if we have someone who represents themselves as law enforcement, we should call our local police department and they’ll come verify it for us. Which is what we plan to do in the future.”

Ford is CEO of the RFJ Auto Partners dealership group, which owns 20 dealerships in the southern tier of the U.S. as well as some locations near Washington and Montana.

“An isolated incident occurred at a Nissan dealership in Greenville, Texas. No customers or employees were injured,” said Brian Brockman, director of group communications at Nissan North America.

Investigation continues

The dealership, which is about 50 miles northeast of Dallas, will remain closed during the investigation. Ford noted in a statement the incident had nothing to do with any dealership employee nor the business, and that it was a coincidence that it occurred on the premises.

“We will meet with our employees Thursday morning and provide any necessary counseling and support services,” the statement said.

An inquest was held by Justice of the Peace Sheila Linden and all three bodies were transported to the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas.

Jamie LaReau and Katie Buda contributed to this report.

Press release

Click here to read a statement from the city of Greenville

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