Scarecrows to Charmingly Convene in Cambria

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SPY ONE SCARECROW… on the side of the road and you may feel instantly cheered. You may ponder topics like autumn and bucolic life, and you may consider the time and effort that scarecrow creation takes. Spy two scarecrows in a row? Things are heating up. You’ll probably think about pulling your car over, to snap a few photos, or to at least soak in the charm of the moment. But what happens if you come across a place with dozens of scarecrows, funny and spooky figures fashioned by several different creative types? Yep, you’re breaking out the camera. Goodness, you may even plan to stay for a few hours, or even a night. And if it is any day in October, chances are strong that you’re in…

CAMBRIA, that water-snug town that knows how to present the most picturesque picture-taking opportunities at any point on the calendar. The time just before Halloween, however, is picturesque perfection, thanks to the annual Cambria Scarecrow Festival. This annual, oh-so-visual feast of the fall senses is entering its 11th whimsical year in 2019, and newbies and nostalgia-loving fans can expect to see a host of comical and mysterious displays around town. Those scarecrow-y scenes will be in front of businesses, near homes, and in other locations you probably never guessed as being “scarecrow ready.” But you? You’re always ready to see scarecrows, especially when they pay tribute to fairy tales, famous paintings, storybooks, and the imaginative output of their creators.

OCT. 1-31, 2019… are the dates, and it is all free, free, free. Of course, you’ll likely want to lunch in the briny-beautiful village, and maybe motel-it-up for a night or two, so plan accordingly. Could a scarecrow snapshot make a great Halloween greeting card? One you could send to all of your fall-obsessed friends? There’s a town, not far from Hearst Castle, that will soon have autumnal atmosphere to spare.

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