Sassy Sammies, from Beets to RedHots to Tokyo Tastes

on Feb26
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What to Know

  • CHLOE’s limited-time beet burger

  • Frank’s Red Hot at Fatburger

  • Tokyo-style hamburgers at Tokyo Hamburg

We don’t typically demand too much of our burgers, sandwiches, and other something-yummy-between-two-pieces-of-bread snacks, except that they be delicious and filling and zingy and full of flavor and so, hold up, yes, we do actually ask quite a bit.

And, quite often? Our burgers and sandwiches and bread-plus-filling feasts can deliver on all fronts, and more.

But what if we’re looking for a twist, something not totally outside the realm of piquant possibility but perhaps adjacent to that realm? A burger that’s like a burger but has a few other arrows in its quiver, so to speak?

Such gourmet-style goodies pop up around Southern California with admirable frequency, and there happen to be a trio of tantalizing picks currently gracing various menus. So tell your inner burger buff to get stoked, and make for…

by CHLOE., in Silver Lake, which has a Beet Mine Burger through the end of February. For sure, this is a meatless offering from the vegan eatery, one that includes a beet patty, as well as sautéed kale, pickled red onions, and a host of other plant-tastic goodies. The price is $11.95.

Fatburger understands that eaters who crave spice, as in real heat, as in kapow-packing vim, don’t mind it if that spice arrives with a hearty sandwich. And that’s just what is happening with the Frank’s RedHot Chicken Sandwich, a limited-time special at the chain. Big heat? So sweet.

Tokyo Hamburger does indeed serve hamburgers, but the famous hamburgers that rock the “Tokyo-style” designation. If you’re a fan, or want to try a Tokyo burger or the first time, go to Koreatown, then ponder if you want your burger with green onions, an egg, or grilled onions and cheese, or another zesty addition.

Where’s your not-the-norm burger? Do you make it home? Seeking it out at a café or stand? Good thing SoCal can make our burgery dreams come true, so often, in this offbeat and appetizing category.

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