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Lester Herrera is a Salvadoran artist who has been painting for more than 40 years.

“Since I can remember I have dedicated myself to drawing and painting,” said Herrera, a native of the city of Santa Ana in El Salvador. “I never liked conventional games, so I took drawing, painting, and poetry as a form of entertainment.”

These elements have been transcendental nuances to give it a touch of paint on any material that can support a graphic or line.

“Perhaps the greatest experimentation that has given me the most results with artistic projection lately is bird feathers,” Herrera points out.

Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Those perfect lines led him to pay tribute to the memory of Kobe Bryant, who died in a plane crash in January 2020. The feathers have a symbolism with philosophical overtones.

“If they serve the birds for flight, this person was also making an eternal flight, due to his great history and legacy,” said Herrera.

In addition to pens, metal spoons, basketballs and coins have become works of art that keep small moments of the basketball idol.

“We carry around 20 pieces and new ideas are emerging every time”, highlights Herrera.

With his strokes, Herrera has turned the competitive adventures of a sports legend into authentic epics that renew the love for sports.

The artist will seek to bring the collection of art pieces to the Bryant family, through a foundation established in San Francisco. That way, he will be able to reaffirm that, for a long time, Kobe had set one foot in history and another in mythology.

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