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Most of us have called out sick from work without really being sick at one point in our lives, right?

Back in school, they called that playing hooky, as an adult it’s often a way to not show up for work when you’d rather be out doing something else.

We’ve all done it, but how many of us out there made the terrible and regrettable mistake of texting our boss while playing hooky, asking him to come hang out?

Talk about a major mistake!

Snickers, “the official chocolate bar sponsor of the NFL,” calls that a “rookie mistake,” and they ran a promotion throughout the NFL season asking football fans to submit their rookie mistake stories, either through video, photo, or written submission to snickersrookiemistakes.com.

On the website, the company deemed a rookie mistake as an error that doesn’t occur because of bad luck, but instead a “funny misstep made when you’re off your game.” Snickers called a rookie mistake something that is unlikely to happen twice, and used the example of forgetting your phone at home when they had the tickets to the football game you’re about to attend on them.

“Rookie mistakes happen both on and off the field, but we’re here to tell fans that if you made a rookie mistake, the solution is simple, maybe you just need a Snickers,” said Sarah Long, CMO of Mars Wrigley North America.

To launch their campaign, Snickers teamed up with NFL players Jalen Ramsey, DaVante Adams, Stefon Digss, and Juju Smith-Schuster. The quartet teamed up over the weekend to record an “unveiling video,” in which they announced the winning entry of the “Rookie Mistake of the Year,” and award them two tickets to Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.

Over 2,000 fans submitted their rookie mistake stories, and the winner was entry number 1851, the fan mentioned above who accidentally texted their boss asking them to come hang out while they were playing hooky from work.

The lucky fan will now be attending Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA on February 13, 2022 between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams with all expenses paid courtesy of Snickers.

In addition to announcing the winner, Ramsey also recorded a hilarious video in which he reenacted one of the best rookie mistake entries. Check it out below.

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