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The Los Angeles Rams still have a sense of humor.

After weeks of negative reaction by fans on social media, the Rams have addressed the elephant in the room when it comes to their new logo.

The NFL team unveiled a new logo on March 23 after weeks of teasing it to fans. After denying that the new logo was the same as a draft hat that leaked online, the Rams ultimately revealed the same logo albeit with different colors.

The logo, which features an italic font of the letters
“L” and “A” for “Los Angeles,” appears to have a
very long Rams’ horn coming out of the tip of the “A” and through the

The logo is a clear departure from the traditional Rams head logo or iconic helmet logo that the team has had for the last 70 plus years.

After fans roasted he new logo on social media, sending their complaints and criticisms to Hall of Fame Rams’ running back Eric Dickerson and other former Rams’ players, team COO Kevin Demoff decided to turn a negative into a positive.

Demoff told fans online that if the team raised over $2 million dollars during a virtual telethon they held for coronavirus relief on March 24, that he would publicly read ten mean tweets about the new logo and upload it online.

The deal was a success. The telethon, hosted by quarterback Jared Goff and offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth, raised over $2 million, and Demoff followed through on his end of the deal by reading the tweets and posting it on his Twitter account.

The concept, which was taken from the Jimmy Kimmel show, was more mild than many other negative tweets we’ve seen online and voiced by Dickerson himself.

The tweets were mostly comparing the logo to garbage, but some were creative. One mean tweet made the joke that if you’re running low on toilet paper during the coronavirus pandemic, the logo could be of use. Another said that the logo looked like it had been made by a “Graphic Design 101” student in six minutes.

Unfortunately for Rams’ fans, Demoff said despite the
criticism of the new logo, it was here to stay and won’t be redesigned anytime

The full video of Demoff reading the ten mean tweets can be
seen below:

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