Pup by the Guide Dogs of America Open House

on Jun10
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When we encounter a guide dog out at a shop or restaurant or on a train or at a museum, we know to step aside and let them remained tuned into their human and what their human requires. And yet? Inside, deep in our heart, we have a wish to connect with these tail-wagging heroes, these super-smart pooches that bring so much joy and support and all-out goodness to so many people.

There is a way to draw nearer to these incredible canines, without impacting that critical hound-human connection, by calling upon the annual Guide Dogs of America Open House in Sylmar. The free-to-visit event will again wag its tail for a host of ready-to-learn visitors, visitors who’ll take part in a host of educational and enlightening activities. Trot through the photos below and learn more about what the important and heart-gladdening day is all about.

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