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CHP was in pursuit of a driver wanted for DUI in the San Gabriel Valley area Saturday night.

LAPD initially was in pursuit of the gray PT Cruiser earlier on Saturday in West LA for a suspected DUI but then pulled off the chase.

CHP then picked it up in the San Gabriel Valley area.

Newschopper Bravo was overhead the pursuit about 10:27 p.m. when the vehicle traveled on the Northbound 5 Freeway.

The vehicle reached speeds between 50 – 60 mph in the freeways.

The driver then merged into the Eastbound 10 Freeway and hopped out into the streets in the city of Alhambra.

The driver maintained his speed in the streets ranging from 20 mph to 30 mph while obeying traffic signals.

CHP then set a spike strip near North Broadway in Lincoln Heights around 10:44 p.m. but it took no effect as the driver narrowly dodged it.

The driver eventually stopped on Huntington Drive and N Mission Rd in El Sereno and turned off the car but did not get out.

After sitting in the dark without movement for seven minutes, the driver got out of the vehicle and surrendered.

CHP then took the driver into custody at 10:57 p.m.

Minutes later, when officers approached the car for inspection, they apprehended a female passenger.

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