Police Use Less Than Lethal Force to End Assault With a Deadly Weapon Pursuit

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Police used less than lethal force to end a pursuit of a driver suspected of assault with a deadly weapon in the city of Burbank Wednesday night.

The pursuit started in the city of Burbank, traveled down the 5 Freeway onto the 10 Freeway westbound before flipping around to the 10 Freeway eastbound and heading back up to the 5 Freeway northbound.

Newschopper4 Alpha was over the chase around 11:10 p.m., as the black vehicle moved west on the 10 Freeway, got off and switched to the 10 Freeway westbound.

The driver was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon, according to the California Highway Patrol, though it was not immediately clear what the weapon was.

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Around 11:15 p.m., the driver moved onto the 5 Freeway northbound.

The driver was regularly traveling at speeds about 20 mph above the speed limit, according to Eliana Moreno in Newschopper4 Alpha.

Around 11:25 p.m., the driver slowed down and moved onto the shoulder of the 5 Freeway in Burbank and opened the door of the vehicle, before jumping out and facing the officers.

The man did not appear to be following the officers’ directions, and so, less than lethal force was applied and officers moved in to end the pursuit near the Olive Avenue exit of the 5 Freeway.

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