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LAPD Wednesday released body and dash camera video from a crash in Florence that killed two innocent people.

The families of the two people killed in the crash had called for the release of the video earlier this week.

The two people were killed in the car crash were on their way home from work when a driver ran a red light and slammed into their sedan.

The incident took place at the intersection of Manchester Ave. and South Broadway on Aug. 19.

The video released shows a patrol unit from 77th St. following a speeding Cadillac that eventually ran a red light.

The two killed have been identified as 35-year-old Janisha Harris and 38-year-old Jamarea Keyes.

The families of Harris and Keyes believe the video shows that the LAPD were not truthful at first about being pursuit of a vehicle when the crash occurred.

“Initially the LAPD stated they were not engaged in any chase, then the next thing we heard from the LAPD is that they were engaged in an effort to make a traffic stop,” said Jasmine Mines, a family attorney.

“The video clearly shows LAPD were in a pursuit and chased them and they helped cause the crash,” said Najee Ali, a community activist.

LAPD policy is not to conduct high-speed pursuits for minor infractions. The four people in the Cadillac were implicated in burglaries in Moore Park and Camarillo.

The driver 20-year-old Matthew Sutton was arrested for felony vehicular manslaughter and is being held on $20,000 bail.

The widow of Keyes says that seeing police dash camera video doesn’t offer closure.

“I just want them to own up to what they did and just give justice because at the end of the day you have two innocent people lost their lives,” said Keyes’ widow.

The LAPD says they are in the early stages of their investigation into the deadly crash, it will likely take several months.

Keyes left behind four children and Harris left behind a son and a daughter.

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