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A pilot with an in-flight emergency landed his single engine Cessna plane on Ventura Beach Friday.

According to witnesses, the Cessna was silent as it landed at the water’s edge around 4:30 p.m.

Coming to rest on a rock jetty, a pilot and two passengers were not hurt in the incident.

“I could easily have been walking my dogs right where he put the plane down,” Michelle Silva, a witness, said. 

Witnesses getting a close look at the wreckage say they’ve never seen anything like it: a single engine aircraft apparently losing power, its pilot putting it down amidst Friday crowds on the beach.

Silva lives nearby and watched from her window. 

“I saw a plane flying awfully low for the beach. Saw the wings start to teeter. We were concerned it was going down. We looked. Saw the tail go down. Hit the jetty. Water everywhere,” Silva said.

“I look to my left, I see the skid on the sand & then hit the jetty,” Mason Powers, a witness, said. 

Powers was surfing with friends when he said the plane just showed up.

“It was just out of nowhere. Took me like a couple of minutes to process what just happened. Cause it was so random,” Powers said.

Ventura first responders confirm nobody was hurt: not the pilot, his two passengers or anyone on the crowded beach.

A close call that everyone agrees could have been worse.

“When there’s an aircraft that’s down you think that there’s gonna be people injured if not fatalities. To get here, see the plane in as good a shape as it was? Firefighters say no injuries? Pretty amazing,” Paul Amaral, Salvage Master with Towboat U.S. Ventura said. 

“We immediately walked down here. Talked to the firefighters. They actually said the pilot did a really great job. Considering the situation,” Silva said. 

No comment was available tonight from the pilot. 

The FAA is now investigating the incident.

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