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A tragedy caused a young Hispanic man to end up as a single father. Ten months have passed since the death of the mother of his daughter, whom he has had to care for and protect as an exemplary father.

Yessenia Lisette Aguilar, 23, was eight months pregnant when she was hit by a vehicle. The doctors managed to save the baby, so this young Hispanic man has had to step into the role of a mother and father at the same time.

Resting in the arms of her father the little Adalyn Ross, only 10 months old, seems happy and content, on a very special day for James Álvarez and his family.

“I feel happy to have my baby girl. And I feel lucky to have these beautiful moments that remind me of my wife,” Álvarez said.

This Orange County man became a widow, after a tragedy took the life of Aguilar, when she was eight months pregnant.

“I just hope I’m doing the best job possible,” Alvarez said.

The tragedy happened on August 11 when Álvarez and his wife were walking on the sidewalk in the city of Anaheim, when a driver who was driving under the influence ran over Aguilar, leaving her with serious injuries which caused her death. Thanks to an emergency surgery performed by doctors, the baby was saved.

“I am going to dedicate my whole life to care for and raise my daughter, just like her mother gave her life for her,” Álvarez said.

Ten months have passed since that fateful day and the pain of having lost his wife is still fresh, however, for Álvarez, his daughter is a source of motivation and encouragement. He has cared for her since the first day she arrived in this world, and he feels that he is not alone because he says he has his wife’s blessing.

“From heaven, she’s saying congratulations to me,” he said through tears.

Alvarez says that he will continue to assume his role as a loving father, a promise he made to his wife.

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