Old-School Summer Nights, a Drive-In and Lake Balboa

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What to Know

  • Aug. 1-10, 2019 (select nights)

  • “Raiders of the Lost Ark” opens the series

  • $12.95 individual; $49.95 family/group pack (covers your car)

You could correctly claim that many movie-based pleasures arrive in threes. 

A lot of films sport three acts, after all, and some of the best jokes on-screen observe the Rule of Three, where funnier things group into tight trios.

Your pre-movie ritual? So three-y: Concession counter, bathroom, trailers.

So it stands to reason that one of the San Fernando Valley’s most charming and throwback-ish happenings should also embrace the three-a-tude: a warm summer night, a super location for an outdoor screen, and your car.

It’s the My Valley Pass Summer Drive-In Nights we’re talking about, of course, which enjoyed its launch, and a Halloweentime version, in 2018.

The watch-flicks-under-the-stars spectacular is back at the Lake Balboa Complex to add some SFV-style cinematic spice to our lives, beginning on Aug. 1.

The films?

Indiana Jones, and a just-out-of-reach ark, is first up, but Harry Potter will soon be flying in, too.

Jurassic-era dinos, the amazing Cheech Marin, a hidden pirate ship, and Greased Lightening will all have their moment on the screen over the next nine or so nights, on select nights.

A ticket?

If it is just you, it is $12.95, but if you got a carload, you’ll want to for the family/group pack, which is a pinch under fifty bucks.

Now, to determine your next grouping of three good things. Will you stop by the store on the way, to load up the backseat with Raisinets, Funions, and Slurpees?

Or perhaps water, bags of home-popped popcorn, and almonds?

Decisions decisions, decisions.

But there’s no worrying over this fact: A warm summer night chilling in the San Fernando Valley is about as perfect a pursuit as perfect things come, and if a classic movie is on view through your windshield, you can call it the cherry on top of the quintessentially SoCal cinematic sundae.

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