Nab a New Print-at-Home Spay/Neuter Voucher

on Feb27
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What to Know

  • Free and low-cost vouchers

  • All six LA City Animal Services shelters accept the vouchers

  • Open online to residents of LA County

If only everything good and handy and much-needed in this world ended in the words “-at-home.”

For if we could start every errand and every task and every must-do and every should-have-done-this-yesterday by first handling a major part within the walls of our own digs, life would flow so much more quickly and smoothly.

Good thing, then, that LA Animal Services kindly gets this about all of us, that we want “quickly” and “smoothly” to take more prominent roles in our daily lives.

Moreover, the beastie-bettering bureau also understands that we want to spend any additional hours we have in a day focusing on our furriest family members, the little lovebugs that constantly need our TLC.

And one essential thing those little lovebugs need?

That all-important appointment to be spayed or neutered. To honor that fact, and to pay homage to World Spay Day, which is Feb. 26 in 2019 (and always the last Tuesday in February), LA Animal Services just announced a new print-at-home voucher program.

That’s the happy upshot: You can print a voucher, at home, to have your pup or cat spayed or neutered.

The voucher is good for “… free or reduced cost spay/neuter vouchers, saving community members a trip to the shelter to get a voucher, or waiting to receive one in the mail in honor of World Spay Day,” says the organization.

Brenda Barnette, General Manager for LA Animal Services, concurs, adding that printing a spay/neuter voucher at home is “… easier than ordering movie tickets online!”

All five shelters “that have on-site spay/neuter clicis, participating veterinary hospitals, spay/neuter clinics, and mobile spay/neuter clinics” will take the vouchers, which may be used by any resident of Los Angeles County. (Updated)


Need more info on how these vouchers work, how many animals they cover, and more?

Spend a few minutes of World Spay Day going over the fine print, which will ultimately keep your feline or Fido in fine shape on the spay or neuter front, and save you time in the process.

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