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U.S. Army Reservist Dely Labunog surprised her two children at school with an early arrival in their Garden Grove classrooms.

Labunog came home 2-weeks early after serving in Kuwait and Iraq for more than a year.

Her children, Julian Labunog a student at Bell Intermediate and Elizah Labunog a student at Enders Elementary received the sweet surprise of seeing their mother.

Labunog’s husband, Fabian coordinated with the school principals to make sure everything went smoothly.

At Bell Intermediate, Labunog dressed up in the school’s Roadrunner mascot costume and surprised her son during his math lesson.

Julian Labunog who is in fourth grade was surprised by his mom during his math class when she revealed herself under a mascot costume.

His classmates cheered as his mother revealed herself while Julian was unknowingly teaching the mascot about math.

A video shows how Julian was moved to tears after hugging his mom.

They were not expected to see their mom until October at the latest.

At Enders Elementary School, Elizah’s class was told they were getting a visit from a special guest who was in the military. Little did Elizah know that it would be her mom walking into the room.

Elizah Labunog was told her class would be having a special visitor from the military coming. She did not know it was going to be her mother walking through her classroom door.

Labunog graduated from Rancho Alamitos High School and has been in the service for 12 years.

“It was hard being away from them for more than a year, but I would look forward to our happy times when we could talk on the phone,” Labunog said. “Now I’m home and in my happy place.”

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