Mammoth’s Wintry Fun to Sizzle (So to Speak)

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What to Know

  • Nov. 9 opening day

  • New bar at Canyon Lodge and eatery at Eagle Lodge

  • New photography festival from Oct. 10-13

So you’re making scratch marks on the kitchen wall with the end of your ski pole, marks that count the passing of the days.

If this is you — and we hope you’ve cleared your calendar-keeping with your landlord first — then you’re likely super-stoked for Opening Day at Mammoth Mountain.

Which is now under two months away, as the snowball flies.

But if you can’t wait for Nov. 9 to get your first run in, you can start daydreaming about what the 2019-2020 season may hold.

It follows a snowy, record-breaking stretch, which saw the snowiest May on record for Mammoth, so you can bet that the resort, and town of Mammoth Lakes, plan on bringing the heat.

Well, not exactly “heat,” but you get us.

What can frost fans expect to find when they head up the mountain?

A cool new photography festival from Oct. 10-13, which’ll take in the fall colors the area is famous for (so, yep, this is happening ahead of Opening Day and winter). 

Minaret Cinemas, a wind-down movie go-to for many schussers, is adding beer and wine and those all-important recliner-style seats, so comfy after a day on the big hill. For sure, you’ll find this theater in Mammoth Lakes.

And plenty of new or soon-to-be-open eateries are dotting the area, from El Charro Taqueria (mmm, street-style snackage) to Noodle-ly, which will spotlight “Vietnamese and Thai noodle soup.”

And up at the ski area? Lincoln Bar, a new venue with a view of the Canyon base area, will open at Canyon Lodge, while Fowl Language will serve “Southern-style chicken sandwiches and tenders” at Eagle Lodge.

As for Mammoth’s tech-cool snow-making operation? A $1,300,000 upgrade is “… increasing both the efficiency and capability of the system.”

There’s lots more to come for the area, before winter arrives and as the season progresses.

Which just goes to show that it can get hot at Mammoth Mountain, at least in terms of nifty new offerings that’ll be there for visitors when the temperature gets really, really cold.

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