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Hollywood tour bus operator scofflaws could be banned from certain streets in Los Angeles, under a plan voted on by the City Council’s Transportation Committee on Wednesday.

The committee voted to move forward with new restrictions that would close off certain sections of streets deemed unsafe for tour buses.

The plan comes after the NBC4 I-Team for years tracked and exposed tour operators using rickety vans, driving dangerously and not following the law.

The city’s Transportation Department has verified roadways where many safety issues exist, and where there are over 100 tour buses per day.

Under the proposed ordinance, a written request from the police department or even an affected school would launch an DOT investigation.

If unsafe conditions are found, the city will put up signs advising tour bus drivers that a particular stretch is a no-go.

Neighbors welcome the restrictions.

“The streets are breaking down,” Anastasia Mann. “There have been accidents. There have been fires. It’s just been a horrific situation.”

Tour bus operators say they are trying to improve safety and feel the restrictions are overly broad with no opportunity for appeal.

“Rather than the city involving the industry and talking with them about how they can go about restricting certain routes but allowing others, they’ve just set up a process for restriction,” said Adena Tessler, who represents the Coalition of Tour Operators.

The city says it does not want to prohibit tour buses and plans to create alternatives if certain closures do happen. The ordinance will go up for vote in front of another committee in about a week or two and if passed, to the full city council.

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