Laundromat Owner is Attacked in Los Feliz

on May19
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Store security cameras caught the moment Carl Swanson was brutally beaten inside his business.

Police are searching for two suspects in connection with the attack. One of the attackers is a woman Swanson kicked out a week before.

Swanson was attacked as he mopped his business prior to opening last Sunday morning.

He was attacked with his own broom, the suspects kicked, beat and even bit him.

Swanson was left with a face covered in blood and two blows to the head.

Still recovering from injuries, Swanson and his wife Kerry went back to work at the fluff and fold business they own inside the laundromat.

He says the attack is a result of an ongoing problem from people either leaving or waiting to go to a nearby bar.

Swanson says that while people wait for the nearby bar to open, they want to wait inside his business. He says bar patrons are in the laundromat on a daily basis.

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